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English as a Second Language (ESL) Program

International Horizons College is providing a transitional program for non-native speakers of English requiring additional English skills for university success. It combines dedicated courses in English reading, writing, speaking, listening, and US academic culture, with specific freshman-level introductory courses.

Who can enroll in the ESL Program?

International students and local students who are not native speakers of English, who wish to study for a college degree may apply to the ESL Program. The program is also open to non-traditional students who wish to enrich their English and professional skills.

Students may enter the Program for one, two or three terms, depending on their English test scores. Using TOEFL iBT equivalent scores, the admissions standards are:

  • iBT test score of 55-64 or equivalent: 3 terms (12 months)
  • Test score of 65-79: 2 terms (8 months)
  • Test score of 80 or above: 1 term (4 months)


ESL Program Organization

The focus of the program is on learning four central aspects of language use – reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Courses in these areas are supplemented by studying American and Western Culture, History, Mathematics, and Sciences. In this multi-skilled program, language skills are developed by:

  • Doing research
  • Reading extensively
  • Writing a variety of assignments
  • Group discussion
  • Studying in small classes

Academic advising is available.

ESL Inquiries and Applications
Email: admissions@ihc-dubai.com
Telephone: +971 4 369 2000